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Frances O’Hanlon

foh Financial Limited was founded in 2006. The founder and Managing Director Frances O’Hanlon started her career in the bank and she now has over 30 years’ experience in the area of banking and Financial Services.

In 2006 Frances saw a very obvious need for Independent Financial Advice in the market and she left the bank to start her own business, FOH Financial Limited.
Alongside day to day advice for clients, Frances O’Hanlon continues to engage with the media in the area of Financial Advice via Radio, Newspaper articles and is always regularly invited to speak at seminars etc with a view to enhancing the general public overall knowledge of the different areas of Finance & possible pitfalls.

Frances O’Hanlon dedicated a lot of time in the past decade advising and working with mortgage arrears and problem Debt area, she has also liaised with successive Governments, Oireachtas Committees and with National Charities on the matter.

Frances O’Hanlon’s candid approach in the area of finance has proved very successful to date and she continues to head up FOH Financial Limited, a busy practice dealing in all areas of finance. She is a QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor), RPA (Retirement Planning Advisor, and holds multiple qualifications in the area of Debt Management Services, including APA (DMS) & PIP.
foh Financial Limited

Biddy Purcell

Biddy Purcell has worked at foh Financial since 2008. Biddy started her career in the Bank , and now has over 20 years’ experience in the area of Banking & Financial Services. She is a QFA and is also specifically qualified in the area of Debt Management (APA – DMS).
foh Financial Limited

Claire Kerton

Claire, our Receptionist, will most likely be your first point of contact. She joined foh Financial in 2018 , prior to joining us worked in a Solicitors practice.
foh Financial Limited

Noreen O’Loughlin

Noreen has worked at FOH Financial Ltd since 2021. Prior to this Noreen spent over 20 years working in the Bank. She is a QFA since 2012.
foh Financial Limited

Kiara Darmody

Kiara has worked for FOH Financial Ltd since 2022. She has worked in financial services since 2014 having started in the banking industry in 2014 she then moved to bank assurance in 2018. She is a QFA & and is also specifically qualified in the area of Retirement Planning Advice (RPA).
foh Financial Limited

Josephine Slattery

Josephine joined FOH Financial Limited in November 2023, having previously worked in Banking for over 25 years. She is a QFA since 2003.