Savings & Investments

There are many reasons people save and many reasons why they don’t –

Let us help you by reviewing…. 

How you are saving now , What you need to save for, How much you are saving versus what you should be saving to reach your goal, help you budget.

Are you saving all your money in cash or deposit type accounts earning little or no interest ? Let us help you try and secure a return on some of that money that at least beats inflation and its erosive effect whilst being mindful of what Risk, if any, you want to take

What are you saving for?

  • Day to Day – Easy access
  • House Deposit
  • Rainy Day fund
  • Looking towards longer term -building a nest egg to call on at some stage in the future.
  • Education costs for children 2nd &/or 3rd Level
  • Gift for children/grandchildren

Options Available

  • Lump Sum Investments
  • Deposits
  • Regular Savings Plans
  • Section 73 – Gift Tax Savings Plan
  • Savings Plan – In Trust