Financial Planning

It’s all part of a bigger picture……

Our approach to financial advice is simple , ‘Do you have what you need , Do you need what you have’? be that for now and the future. We consider your Financial plan as an Ever-Evolving Puzzle , where we add on the right pieces and take off pieces as your financial life progresses and as we review, therefore the Puzzle should always makes sense to you and your life and should remain fundamentally sound.

So before you approach us , take time to think what do you want from this process?

Step By Step

1Initial Meeting

We will send you an initial checklist of what we will need before our meeting to ensure we have as much information as possible , ideally beforehand , so we can be more beneficial to you . During this meeting , be it face to face , by phone or Online , we conduct a full Fact Find , so whilst we ask questions and you speak , what we really do is listen to what you are saying and what you want from our proposed review. At the end of the meeting we will provide you a broad outline of our proposed direction , areas we feel need improving and further investigation , if you are happy to proceed….


We will then go seek all the information we need to make a final recommendation , which will include looking at what you have already , what are the pros cons , can it be used as part of your plan going forward & identify gaps in your situation .


We will then complete a final written recommendation, covering all of the various areas of your finances as agreed, outlining what you have , how it can or can’t, be used going forward and the recommended structure for the gaps we have identified to complete the Plan that best suits you now. This recommendation may also include a budget plan, where applicable or requested. We will then review the recommendation with you in a final meeting giving us a chance to explain the rationale behind the plan and giving you a chance to ask questions , voice concerns etc


If you decide you do not want to proceed with the plan we have formulated for you that’s fine but if you decide you do want to proceed with some or all parts of the plan, we can put those arrangements in place for you and/or assist you where applicable


What we want you to have at the end of the process is a completed Puzzle, specially designed for you , which will hopefully give you more insight , control over your finances , and peace of mind knowing you have been fully reviewed , with a Financial Plan in hand as to what you can and should have for your goals going forward , that can be easily added or taken from and we all have a review template going forward , ideally on an Annual basis