This is what we consider the ‘Foundation’ to all good financial plan’s , if this is not right all other plans, Education , New Home , Pension ….could fall apart if anything happens you , your family or for Business owners – You, Co-Directors , Partner or a Key employee etc

In our experience over the years this is one of the main areas where individuals or businesses either have too little cover or the wrong structure which could leave you and yours very exposed financially

Let us help you , examine what you have versus what we think you should or could have, and you can decide from there


  • Life cover
  • Serious Illness cover
  • Income Protection
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Section 72 Life cover – Inheritance Tax


  • Executive Income Protection
  • Executive Pension Term Life cover
  • Keyman cover
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Partnership insurance
  • Co-Director insurance
  • Group – Death in Service
  • Group – Income Protection